Instagram startup workshop for Small Businesses

To be engaged in social media can be very effective for small businesses and startups. Instagram is one of the most powerful tools and when used properly it can benefit a great value for almost all types of businesses.

Business owners are often focused on producing, selling or driving their business so setting up the marketing strategy often seems like a high mountain to climb. We are frequently asked to helped to help with get things going and therefore we can offer this quick and rather intense workshop that will save you from weeks and months of trial and error.

Agenda of the workshop:

  • Creating a strategy
  • Setting up an account
  • Creating content
  • Engaging the audience
  • Getting followers
  • Engaging the staff

The audience is usually 1 to 4 membes of a small business.

The workshop is 4 hours and is delivered in the Malmö area.

Price is 8.900 SEK ex moms.

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