About us

Turning Minds is a  consulting company for small businesses. We both work with startups and established companies. We advice both with the companies themselves and the financials of the owners.

If you need help with your small business with marketing, financial structure or event planning you can contact us.
We can help you with starting a business or help you take the decision about scaling or selling the company. Sometimes it is just a question about getting extra pair of eyes to confirm you are doing the right thing or figure out a way to get to the next level.  It might not seem much but sometimes you just need help with making a website work better or the decision to hire an employee.

We offer consulting services that suits your needs. If you need two hours of assistance or if you need a larger project we can find a solution. We can set up one off workshops or schedule monthly meetings to follow up on progress.

Turning Minds has two employees which are the owners.